May 1st, 2003

pinhole camera

very expensive ticket

I picked up my ticket to walk with the other doc students in the commencement parade. Michael Dell will give the welcome to the real world speech. I got my student loan deferred for another year and met with the credit union yesterday to get all the little loans consolidated. I'll still be paying this off on my deathbed, but fortunately it will not transfer to anyone else. It's all my debt and I really can't believed they loaned me so much money. It's pay back time, almost. A nice advisor in the grad school suggested that I set up a meeting with Jesse H and Linda H in the art dept to work out my elevator speech and introduce myself to them as a fellow professional. Very good advice.
pinhole camera

pool moods

two Artist Trading Cards inspired by my pool

Last night I made a pile of artist trading cards. Here are two of them both made with watercolors with gold rubber stamps and oil pastels. One is pool: choppy and the other is pool: peace. Ah the variety of moods of a swimming pool.