May 16th, 2003

pinhole camera

Growing out

I had a great meeting with Janet yesterday and she was a good mentor for life as a college art teacher. I have to get some papers published and present at some conferences this summer and fall. There is a journal edited by Doug Foley in the College of Education that might be a good fit for my methods research section. She also said I should join CAA and network through that organization. Meanwhile I am Polycot networking in the present and it is fun. I am meeting fine women with their own businesses and I think the Polycot group has a good set of values to apply to small businesses and non-profits so I think I will make a good liaison for Polycot. Also it will be fun to help with their branding and wordsmithing for the web site.
pinhole camera

Friday Sunset

Friday is over and that’s nice. Kay crocheted a lovely deep wine colored shawl for my graduation present. Our research unit’s fate will be revealed on Tuesday when John has a meeting with the provost. We are all prepared to loose our jobs this summer. We hope it will be later in the summer than earlier in the summer. Tomorrow I graduate. Tonight I sleep. I am really tired. Work has been so intense. I want to jump in the pool and chill, then jump in the shower, then jump in an early bed.