May 18th, 2003

pinhole camera

2 days of bliss

May 17, 2003 graduation, spectacular.
May 18, 2003 graduation party spectacular, flowers from everyone, pool splashed canonballs. Laughter, baby & kids, crooning crone philosopher, and cuddle with Knut. I am very lucky and happy.
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pinhole camera

arto posto dallas mail art

Julie is organizing a gathering of mail artists in Dallas for 21 June, the day before we are to leave for NC to visit mom. Knut says we might be able to leave early and go to Dallas to the Mail Art event. Looks like BuZ Blurr and the Sticker Dude might be there and even Ryosuke Cohen. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I am going to send a stack of my recent ATCs and she also sent some Fluxus Bucks to decorate.

Tonight John had a memorial for his mother, a lovely party, part memorial and part dinner party. There were many professors there and the talk was often of various levels of university politics. I thought it was a shame since they were all capable of holding forth on much more interesting topics. The man I sat next to was an expert on the relationship between James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Wow. Beckett ran off with Joyce's mad daughter and they became estranged until a street person stabbed Beckett next to his heart and Joyce came to visit him in the hospital. I love old drama of real artists. Today I checked out a big fat book about Gauguin and Van Gogh in fact. Then I met a person who actually knew who Ray Johnson was. Amazing. I'm glad I got to share in the evening with John and Anna. They came to my party and splashed in my pool last night. When I came home I jumped in the lighted pool and it was so lovely as always. I love my pool. And now to sleep perchance to dream.