May 31st, 2003

pinhole camera

invigorating scholarly meetings

Saturday at home still coughing a little, drinking fresh OJ and bubble water, playing Seth’s jazz and refining my methods article. I will send it out soon. I’m unsure about my introduction with a flashy intro to 3 art movements that reveled in collage. Specifically, I'm not sure about the logic and transition with the three mini sections. But I’m going to keep the intro because in the context of academic writing it’s unexpected and the intro itself is an example of a collage. I guess the next step is to make an appointment with Dr. S and see what he says. That will be invigorating. I like scholarly meetings. I've been reading the Ms Mentor book which is full of great questions and answers for women in academia. Now on to writing an article about the findings of my study. Looking at the other weblogs on Ph.D. weblogs I found this interesting journal on Action Research in Education. Another next step is proposal writing to fund Polycot to post the new documents on EMMA .
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