July 17th, 2003

pinhole camera

One down more job hunts to go

I'll get the job app off overnighting to Kansas later this morning including slides and all the letters of recommendation and I've been pecking around the Internet to get going with the next round of applications.

I am going to propose a Networked Art session for the 2005 CAA Conference but I'm not sure what a session is. Ah look, the mystery of CAA sessioning is gradually revealed!
Oh my goodness! it does look a tad art history heavy. I like the "ask somebody else something else," that one looks interesting -- on interviewing artists. Looks like I'll really need Craig to be the theoretical networked art george to my mail art expert gracie. Fun. But hark, what's that necro-techno session all about?

Now, on to seeking Getty dollars to continue my research on mail art networks:
pinhole camera

Fried Green Tomato

sketch of a crab on a green tomato in a frying pan on a fire

New Iberia
Louisiana fried green
tomato and crab

When in New Iberia, LA don't miss the crab stuffed fried green tomatos at Clemintine's!!!!
Oh Yum!
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