October 12th, 2003

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EMMA update

I updated the research section of EMMA to link to the dissertation pages I've been converting to HTML and placing on http://www.mailartist.com.

I posted 4 of the 8 chapters of my dissertation. I also posted the list of all participants and the dissertation abstract. I posted the four chapters that will not make it into a published book; the introduction, methods, and 2 literature review sections. One literature review is devoted to Ruud Janssen's TAM website at http://www.iuoma.org, and the other literature review chapter is about how Mail Artists use message boards, including the LiveJournal mailart community.

I did not publish the remaining four dissertation chapters on the
Web because they contain my original research and I am in the process of rethinking them into a book format. The interview chapter has twelve great personal stories by mail artists who use the Internet. The Mail Art as data chapter is full of fabulous examples of art that expresses a range of attitudes mail artist have toward the Internet. There is a chapter that interprets the trends in the interview and the art data and a final chapter that discusses the implications of the findings.

Comments welcome:-)
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