October 20th, 2003

pinhole camera

small purse failure leads to French colorists

my latest attempt to convert to the small purse format failed miserably with the loss of a pair of perscription sunglasses (that wouldn't fit in so had to be hand carried) as well as a business card case. So today I bought a mid-sized purse that holds the sunglasses, the cell phone, the bus cards which are really ATCs, and the wallet as well as has a little pouched attached that has a built in mirror for lipstick & such. At the purse store, TJ Maxx, there were some remaindered books. I found an inspiring book on Robert and Sonia Delauney. I love it that they are portrayed as an art couple and with lots of Sonia's work. I was working on my painting syllabus' color section suddenly visions of Delaunay color was bouncing around my cranium. What a good and timely find. Of course, now I'm making Delaunayesque ATCs. Also I found my stash of gouache and acrylics so I don't need any more paint. What I do need is a little circle template that architects use or an nice sturdy compass. Will go to Miller Blueprint on the morrow.

honoria's Delaunay's inspired Artist Trading Card.

Sonia Delaunay was the first woman to be exhibited during her lifetime in the Louvre.
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