November 27th, 2003

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Lost in Translation and syllabi

Anna and I went to see Lost in Translation yesterday evening -- it was wonderful. Very subtle, no car chases, no sword fights, however, there was a bit of mutiny. The acting was great. There were perfectly delicate references to Fellini including a little snippet of 8 1/2. The high camera angle exit from Tokyo was a great hommage to Fellini's entrance into Roma. Bill Murray's acting was fantastic and Scarlett Johanssen was a match for him. The chemistry was perfect. I was blown away. I usually like movies in which nothing happens and this was one of the best.

Since talking to John a little about my job hunt, I'm revising the syllabus for the Illinois post-doc. It's improving in a direction that might be more attractive to an art/tech program or a studio art or even museum studies program. Less focus on mail art specifically, instead putting MA in historical perspective with Steve Watson's book, Strange Bedfellows: the first American avant-garde with its illustrations of networking connections amongst early 1900s artists and writers such as Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. Then taking mail art into comparison with contemporary online creative collaborative projects such as found on I am slow at this course-building stuff, but when I get hired I will have some syllabi ready to go and it will be easier to make new ones to fit into existing programs. Also it's a fun puzzle -- collaging course plans from all my favorite chunks of accumulated art information and teaching techniques.

Now I'm making a sweet potato casserole to take to the fam's flashmob Thanksgiving. We are to bring a side dish and a favorite photograph and the day will include a group walk around Town Lake at 3 pm.
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