November 30th, 2003

pinhole camera

Syllabus plantation

I've been putting the finishing touches on the University of Illinois post doc application (in the mail yesterday) and putting a teaching section into my portfolio. I still have a little work to do and I'd appreciate your comments and beta testing.

The central page of the teaching section contains general information for University courses, informal classes, and my teaching statement. 2 syllabi are linked from the first two courses, and linked from Artist Trading Card informal class is a class description from a proposal to teach Artist Trading Card making and exchanging. The teaching statement link is at the bottom.
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pinhole camera

hoppy card

2 watercolors in blue tones: the top on is two RC sale planes in the sky and the bottom on is a sale boat on choppy water

a belated birthday
card for my bother, Hoppy.
windy lake paintings

These are two artist trading card paintings collaged onto a folding card for my brother's birthday. The top painting is two fighting zagis, a kind of radio controlled flying wing, riding the updraft on a hill overlooking Lake Travis. The bottom painting is a sail boat propelled by the same wind.
pinhole camera

Singing Detective

Tonight I went to see the film the Singing Detective. In spite of the fact that it received lame reviews, it was good! I went with a professor of film and a historian and we all thought it was a good film although a bit rough in spots. For example, the first dance/song number could have been a bit later in the plot. But the ways in which the plot wove in an out of the fiction of the writer, the story of the writer's disease, and the song sequences was beautiful, it was touching in the way an opera brings you directly into an emotion. two thumbs up!