December 9th, 2003

pinhole camera

Job search continues

The Chicago Art Institute application is in the mail and now I'm working on applications for:
- University of Texas Department of Radio TV Film - Media Education/Literacy class for student teachers
- Rice University post doc
- Digital arts professor University of Washington at Seattle
- Artist digital media at Washington State University
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pinhole camera

tomorrow Harvard

Today I wrote application letters to three art/technology teaching jobs. The letters are all variations on the theme of the Art Institute of Chicago letter. One of the job notices asked for an artist statement so I made one which interested readers can see at

Tomorrow I'm going to apply to teach contemporary art at Harvard (for kicks) and then I'm going to make a contemporary art syllabus, something I've been wanting to do with Pighed's book, Pause and Effect as a central component. Then I'm going to apply for a job on the Texas coast by the Gulf of Mexico and then I'll apply for some inland jobs.
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