March 5th, 2004

pinhole camera


I had a nice interview with the Art in Public Places team. They seem like they would be a good and creative group to work with. One interview question was: What are my favorite pieces of public art? I said the Picasso sculpture in Chicago as used in the Blues Brothers film. That made them laugh. I explained that I chose the Picasso because it is a dramatic example of a place of public art that draws the film narrative to it with speed, vigor, high art and humor. I also named the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue on Town Lake (which was conveniently visible from the interview room) because it embodies an interwoven story of Austin music and Stevie's wonderful contribution to it. Art in public places ideally functions as a magnet for meetings of diverse entities for multitudes of reasons bringing individual and group stories to the spot.
pinhole camera

nasturtium and katze

photograph of a nasturtium bloom with a grey and white cat looming in the background

nasturtiums come in
on little katze feet and
blooms sing iamb

sandburg and pound please
aye'polgeeze to Carl and Ez
blooming poet tree

Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost degree. Ezra Pound in How to Read

The Modernist show I saw yesterday is still running around my brain in Vorticism.
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