March 17th, 2004

pinhole camera

AMODA Showcase

The AMODA showcase was very vibrant and crowded Crispin Glover was there without his rats. A reporter from the Chronicle in a bright orange shirt told me he wrote an article about our panel. It seems our talk was better from the audience perspective than I thought. Kathy, Jennie and Courtney from, Knut and I went out to eat at Katze's deli. Courtney and I had a wide-ranging conversation about research methods, hypnosis, and feminism in terms of online dating.

Today I'm applying to 4 jobs that appeared on the CAA and Chronicle of Higher Education job lists
- Florida State University, College of Communications, Assistant Professor in Interactive Art and New Communication Technologies (very cool fit for me)
- Philadelphia University, Assistant Professor of Foundation Drawing and Design
- Missouri Southern State College, Artist/Graphic Communications Assistant Professor
- St. Cloud State University, Foundations/New Media
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pinhole camera

in and outbox

two rejections in
three applications out, now
one closer to job

Also, I received two haiku postcards in the mail, so incoming creativity balances out the two we-regret-to-inform-you letters. One of the haiku (translated) is about regret:

At the the over-matured sushi,
the Master is full of regret.
Buson (1716-84)