April 18th, 2004

pinhole camera

Interactive Village at the Capitol

honoria and kid working on a computer making digital art at an outdoor art festival

outdoor festival
kids build an eye pyramid
spring, budding artists

Yesterday I fully entered my role of Education Director for the Austin Museum of Digital Art at the Interactive Village arts festival on the Capitol Grounds. All day long kids made digital photos of each other, cropped and manipulated the eyes from the photos. We printed them and affixed them to a growing pyramid of eyes. It was part dollar bill and part Man Ray. When I get picture of the pyramid installation I'll post it.
pinhole camera

Obscure Action

painted and stamped post cards with rubber stamps littering a tabletop

An Obscure Action
in Phoenix with Pedro, a
tabletop of fun.

The night before my desert iterview Pedro and I went to an Irish Pub & had a little mail art congresso making a short and most fun stack of post cards.
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