July 12th, 2004

pinhole camera

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ink drawing with 4 sections, two upper sections with female nudes, a lower left section with a wishing lamp, and a lower right section with a lava lamp

Today in life drawing I flashed that a life drawing series can be read as a graphic novella about life and art. I read about graphic novels in the NYTimes this weekend and feel like my work in small format chunks in series has a lot in common with sequential art. I wrote my epiphany to nephew Marty on a little life drawing from class. We used to go to the same life drawing class together when Marty lived here.

I inherited many pens and nibs from my Uncle Laddie who studied art in Paris in the early days of the last century. I use the pens and nibs so my art supplies are probably 80 years old. I decided to let Uncle Laddie's pens tell stories of life drawings. They may venture into the model's head instead of just wander around the body. Sequential narrative is also a good way to think about my many 2.5x3.5 artist trading card series. I went to the comic book store to find some graphic novels by women and there are a few. I bought the one with the wildest graphic experimentation, especially in terms of not boxing in the images in comic book frames.
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