May 14th, 2005

pinhole camera

Marquis Who's Who

I was just reading about the time when Gertrude Stein was included in Who's Who when I received a form from Marquis Who's Who in America to submit my biography. In the Who's Who frequently ask questions flyer, under the heading "Why was I chosen to be considered for inclusion?" it states: "Candidates are chosen by colleagues and family, as well as current Marquis Who's Who listees. Our Research Department refers to current periodicals, newspapers, and other media sources to ensure the highest achievers from all fields are represented." Hurray, a cyberopera and an online museum count as achievements in the eyes of the research department. Is this a real thing? I love having something in common with Gertrude Stein. I wonder how many other Starbucks are listed? I'll go to the library and look and see.

I went to the doctor finally because my cough will not go away and she told me I had walking pneumonia and gave me an antibiotics script. I'm two days into the antibiotics and still coughing. I hope my poor lungs clear up soon! Meanwhile I told my other coughing fam and acquaintances the diagnosis so they can go to their doctors and stop this Austin cough epidemic.

I went to Jerry's Art-o-Rama and bought some cool new brushes: one is like a comb with short hairs alternating with long hairs so it draws parallel lines, another is a triangle brush. These were enthusiastically recommended by a store employee as brushes that changed her artistic vision and were fun, also they were pretty cheap.

Wishing you all bronchial clarity and fun brushes...
pinhole camera

Mail Art quote du jour

Perhaps it is time that snailmailart drew to a close, especially as postal costs, in England at least, continue to escalate.
I understand that young people find virtually no use for post offices or letters at all – preferring to do everything by cell phone, resulting in post offices being rapidly closed all over England.
Perhaps mailart has become a Dodo. --Michael Lumb

Name your Dodos and Spread the Word
Mailart is Dead, Long Live Mailart!