May 31st, 2005

pinhole camera

color reason

Drawing is feeling. Color is an act of reason. (Pierre Bonnard)

The printmaking paper I bought that grabs the new French India ink so well kills watercolor. So I will not watercolor on it. I will pastel upon the ink drawings that are less successful. Layers and layers of additions then chop the whole thing into ATCs. Maybe add a few Johnny Depp images on top.

Teaching drawing is more fun than color theory because I agree with the Bonnard quote. Something about the physics in the curriculum can dampen the pleasure of playing with colors although nothing seems to have halted the sensuous colorfulness of Bonnard. I will bring the feeling into the beginning of the online class by asking students to tell color stories. Relate an event in their lives that changed because of a color, or post their favorite painting and talk about the color elements in terms of emotional reflections. Any other suggestions? Do you have any color stories?

Speaking of a full spectrum, the suns played very well, I'll admit that...tomorrow night we'll see our Spurs back on top.