July 9th, 2006

pinhole camera

Fluxus in Visible Language

Ken Friedman who was one of the Fluxus artists when Fluxus was new sent me a new 2-volume set of the Visible Language Journal containing a number of articles on Fluxus. Some articles are serious attempts to write about art historical aspects of Fluxus. There are much more interesting writings by people who are children of Fluxus artists who write about their memories of the movement in their lives. There are also lively scores from Fluxus shows and more recent Fluxish events to facilitate a Fluxus space forming in your own head or your own life.

Ken asked me to write a review of the issues. I am honored. I will take the two issues with me to the Mail Art/DaDa gathering in NY next week and have some fun discussing them with the mail artists. Maybe we will follow a score or two, or more likely, make up more scores such as our group tour of the DaDa show or high tea at Bill Wilson's house full of Ray Johnsons.