November 20th, 2006

pinhole camera

Tomorrow's topic

Staying Present, Grounded, and Focused on What's Important between Now and the End of the Year.
That is tomorrow's topic.

I'm hanging a show soon. It's important to present the paintings nicely. I can't afford to frame them so I'm trying to figure out an alternative. I'm going to the art supply store to see what inspires me in terms of installation. That's the problem with painting on big, odd sized papers.

I saw a fun installation at the last opening when someone had some big framed paintings - looked like from goodwill and aplied smaller paintings on stretched canavases in right on top of the larger painting. That was fun. But where to get a bunch of old bigger odd sized paintings in a week.

I will be matting the smaller paintings - any ideas for the large ones? Large = 11 x 30 inches.
pinhole camera

good vibes

I took a pile of the recent work (see picture of it scattered on floor in previous post) to the art supply store where the man behind the frame bar provided some valuable professional advice. He cut the matboard on which to float-mount the slightly irregularly shaped paintings and we discussed a variety of the least expensive ways to mount the show. I wrote to Nancy asking her what I can and can't do to the walls. I'm still not sure how to mount the large matted pieces to the actual wall, but I'm off to a good start. I feel the need to talk to my friend Michael from Linda Montano's class about this crucial issue! I have 11 big pieces and about 15 small pieces for the show. OK just called and left a message for Michael.

The folks at the art supply store all gathered around my paintings although my work is very unlike the aesthetic mood of their own art. The store had an opening on Saturday that I attended. It was very fun with lots of women dressed in corsets, flowers, and bright colors and men in suits and even bowlers. Live music and lively art. The store team today seemed to sincerely like my work and said they would come to the opening. So I'm expecting a rather young and cool crowd to show up since Nancy's list is definitely in that category. Oops I have to send invites to all the gallery owners in town.