November 28th, 2006

pinhole camera

Poems quotes and paintings

Yesterday I looked at poetry and artists' quotes to create names for the paintings in the show. First I made titles then I connected them to paintings.

Earth's Laughter
Accomplice of Love
Open mind
Sunlight and Fire
Uncontained Aureolin
Dancing with Cadmium
Pigments and Poppies
Petal Sunset
Alive in the Night
Harvest Moon - the name of a variety of pink poppy
Vermillion with the Blues
Too Vivid
pinhole camera

Open Mind

I love this painting. It's called Open Mind. I made the background when I went through my action painting phase several weeks ago. And I will go through it again because throwing soggy sponges full of paint at expensive watercolor paper adds zest to life. Try it.

Open Mind, 32x12 inches watercolor and oil pastels on mellowed Indian rag paper that I bought in Toronto decades ago.