December 31st, 2006

pinhole camera

Marfa East - the bench

honoria and knut on a rock and plank bench

Marfa east joined in the Mullins trend of putting the first "building" on the land - a bench made of piled rocks and a plank liberated from a nearby source. I have the makings for a nice fire pit too. We walked the perimeter of Marfa East and built up piles of stones along the boundary lines of the lot. I'm thinking of a sign for my lot - maybe rusty metal but Bauhausy design?

Phil and the Quonset hut opened

Phil and Rosie opened the mysterious Quonset hut to find a beginnings of a fine woodworking studio inside. A lovely arched metal space with a garage front and a hinged back door.

One of several building sites on Marfa East. I think first we will work on the natural stairway down to Debbie's and Jeff's place, then make a rock patio with fire pit. It will be years before the art studio is realized but it will be fun to get to know the space gradually. I have yet to do any drawings out there. I've just been enjoying walking and looking at closer and closer detail.