February 26th, 2008

pinhole camera

So you want to be a watercolorist?

A friend wants to give his wife a perfect beginners watercolor set and asked for recommendations:

I feel like a pusher giving you your first hit of weed. I'd get a travel set of high-quality watercolors either tube or pans (solid) and some good paper and tear or cut it into smaller sheets instead of a pad. The traditional way to cut watercolor paper is to put a ruler on it and tear the paper against the ruler for a deckle edge - I told you there were a lot of traditions about watercolors - they can get restrictive and silly. The individual pieces of paper let you start another painting while the first one dries. A pad insists that you wait the drying time before you turn the page. Pads are bossy and slow you down. The downside of individual sheets is that they blow away.
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pinhole camera

AFG Life Drawing

bright painted ground on
watercolor canvas plop
some acrylic globs

The effect of hanging out at AFG is to merge more toward painterly. Friend Liz did wonderful inspiring watercolor. May head back to paper soon.