July 31st, 2008

pinhole camera

Painting Intensive Day 1

First we had to draw a baboon, a thunderstorm and a large bird flapping its wings in 9B water soluble graphite.

Next, the instruction was to do a painting over a 5-hour period that was different from anything you've ever done. I did this one. I am usually a fast gestural figure drawer. this is a slow detailed abstract. I work small this painting is 5 feet high. I use a lot of colors and this one is limited to reds, black graphite, and gold powder we found at the Art Supply Store for $1.99 a bag.

pinhole camera

Painting Intensive Day 2

Day 2 of the painting intensive the instructions was to paint in the very highest values of the value scale (light light light with very little contrast) or in the very lowest value range dark dark dark with little contrast). I chose light because I tend to be comfortable with strong darks and contrasts. I'm here to learn new things so again I did a big painting mostly using vermillion and naples yellow and lots of white gouache. This looks rather like a stained canvas but it's a watercolor on 48"x 51" heavy arches watercolor paper.