August 24th, 2008

pinhole camera

Return of Dr. Sketchy

Model Bon Bon Vivant was back in a whole new set of costumes and props.  You may remember her from my pink flamingo Sketchy post. 
Going in my new direction toward drawing slower I created only 5 drawings during the evening.   People around me laughed when I told them I was drawing slower because when I draw, even slowly, there is a  lot of action on the table.  Working from the model, then more or less taking off into Leigh-inspired territory I shaved my chunk of graphite with the palette knife and smeared it with my hands.  I found 2 broken chunks of Sennelier oil pastel (see turquoise below) for free earlier at the art supply store that informed the early evening.  But by later in the evening Bon Bon was in a red mood and so was I.   I think Nathan took photos of me as a demented artist with graphite stained hands flying over the paper surface that may show up on the Dr. Sketchy web album.  I'll watch for it and add a link.

  Life drawing in oil pastel, graphite, and watercolor by Honoria StarbuckBon Bon Vivant likes the red boa Pastel, graphite, and watercolor life drawing by Honoria StarbuckMostly vine charcoal drawing of BonBonVivant Dr. Sketchy Austin August 2008 by Honoria Starbuck
Dr. Sketchy Life Drawings by Honoria Starbuck
18 x 26 inch drawings on Sennelier Oil Pastel Card
Price is fifty cents per square inch

I may work back into these or the other 2 drawings given time, but my teaching schedule is very hot and demanding right now.  I could really draw Bon Bon all the time.  This time I found out why.  In the model's choice session she said she was an art historian as well as performer.  And as an art historian she has studied the great artists best work, and best figurative work shows the best models doing the best poses.  So subliminally she channels a whole history of great poses.  You can really feel that in a model.  Dancers and people who know art know poses and how to tell a story with their choice of body position and props.  Brava Bon Bon who has both dancer and art history informed poses!