September 11th, 2008

pinhole camera

VizThink Austin

Austin's graphic recording of the meeting
Graphic Recording by Austin VIZTHINK AUSTIN Meeting 9-9-08: the Gallery Walk by poet, Austin Kleon

"Honoria Starbuck showed her graphic recording and 1-minute life-drawings. I don't remember the context of this quote about graphic recording, but I liked it: 'finding haikus in conversation.' She also gave me a ride home..." The meeting was a round robbin of presentations of creative products. When it got to me, the room had been filled with words about visual language; I said I didn't have anything to say but invited everyone to gather around and flip through my book of SXSW 2008 Haiga : Live Art Blogging and my book of practice graphic recordings. I also stuck in a few of my favorite small format life drawings. Within this VizThink context I rediscovered my intense fondness for life drawing was overcoming my practical nature for creating graphic recordings.

Photo of Honoria and Jason by Austin Kleon (bigger)

I was asked some questions and answered them so here I am preaching to the choir on visual language and creativity. Also my new Rodin Watercolors and Drawings book had something to do with this passionate response. Austin presented poetry at the meeting. Eric had some paintings. It was refreshing to add elements that had little to do with graphic recording and especially with its connection to business. Eric came up to me and we talked about quick painting styles and what fun it is. Austin lives in my neighborhood and I gave him a lift home.