January 8th, 2009

pinhole camera

Shadow drawings

Wheee! Bicycled around the neighborhood in a warm winter sunshine.
I stopped at the park for a Chen tai chi practice and to sketch the shadows falling on the park dirt. The shadow sketches are in the semi-abstract automatic drawing vein on that yummy 300 lb Arches watercolor paper size 7.5 x 11 inches. Signed original for 50 cents per square inch.

Earlier I showed my vigorous sexy figures on vinyl to a modernist furnishings store/gallery who took 3 to determine if they want to represent them. I had a lovely sushi lunch with B & S. S introduced me and my work to the furnishings gallery. Thank you! Then I stopped at the art supply store where there was a show of figure drawings in the Austin Figurative Gallery gang. Snarko asked me to contribute to the show. Since I already had the work in the car, we selected 3 figures on irregular shapes of bright yellow vinyl and called them Yellow Fever 1, 2, and 3 = $100 each.
pinhole camera

Abstract notes

 abstract watercolor

These abstract artworks from Bridging Futures' introductory meeting represent the the unformed ideas that are now flowing around in the brains of the clients and the team as we let the pigments of our ideas settle into our next colorful channels.

Automatic painting is one technique that I use to feel the vitality of a situation.  These unplanned paintings are part of the creative, right-brained process made visual.  As our ideas start to arrange themselves into clear patterns, the drawings at the meetings will take certain forms that plot the paths of our individual and group progress toward our products and the market.