April 20th, 2010

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Breakthrough day - Student work

 Student work in life drawing - anatomy with Honoria Starbuck teaching Antomy student drawings in Honoria's class April 2010 Anatomy student drawings in Honoria's class Student work in Anatomy April 2010 in Honoria's class Student work in Honoria's Anatomy & Life Drawing class April 2010

The last time this class met in week 2 the students were mostly all doing fairly timid black and white drawings.  This is now week 3.  The class meets once a week.  After a few warm ups we did a 10 minute pose and then had a class art show.  I asked students to simply look at all the work and see what techniques they might want to try from their peers' drawings.  The first set of drawings had several nice sketches with color as well as black and white.  Then, to my surprise a certain adventurous subset of the black and white drawers were inspired and tried color. In addition most drawings' ranges in value became broader. 

We had another art showing in which the work was overall stronger.  This time we discussed what elements of a drawing each artists liked and how that element might be applied to their own next drawing as an experiment. Students who created the popular drawings explained what they had drawn with. If asked they talked about technique.

The color source was pastel supplied to the whole group as an optional medium.  The next set of drawings was More Colorful AND stronger in anatomical accuracy.  The whole class just moved itself ahead by simply looking at each series of drawings analyzing the work of their peers and being informed by the most adventurous and successful students.  Students really shared their thinking about tools and techniques and what works and doesn't work from drawing to drawing. 

At the end of the class the increase in confidence and willingness to try new things was dramatic. 

This was a breakthrough day for almost everyone in the class including the teacher:-).  I love it when that happens.