May 11th, 2010

pinhole camera

Slurb - Opening tomorrow

Slurb from Marina Zurkow on Vimeo.

Women & Their Work has an amazing fine art animation installation
through May 27.
Wednesday, May 12th, 7-9pm, "Apocalypse Now"
Reception and Panel with Marina Zurkow, Juli Berwald, Ph.D. Science
Writer, Peter Hall, Dept. of Art, UT, Andrea Mellard, Austin Museum of
Art, Bogdan Perzynski, Dept. of Art, UT, Erica Shamaly, The Austin
School of Film, Todd Simmons, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Kate
Watson, Austin Video Bee and Christi Zangrilli, Environmental

I plan on attending. Hope to see you there.
pinhole camera

ACTlab to close

UT ACTLab shutdown amid record courses and enrollment.

what's next?  Stay tuned....

I met many a strange epiphany in the ACTLab.
Knut and I walked out of there together. 
Goodbye to an amazing place of learning where ideas are manifested into objects, performances, art, music, video...
I carry on the make stuff mantra in my teaching but with the wonderful twists of shared discovery that is the core of ACTlab.