December 30th, 2010

pinhole camera

Drawing to Learn : Fashion Drawing

 As students, you know that images help you better understand concepts.   Pictures work!  Lectures, web sites and your textbooks are enlivened by images.

Of equal importance are your own formative, rough-drawn images and diagrams, expressing your understanding of content in all your subjects, even math, computer classes, and sciences.

In your rough drawings, ideas often become fully real because you draw them in your own hand.  Revisions, explorations and a number of alternatives are possible in rough sketching.

Examples of drawing to learn are documented in notebooks, logs, and journals kept by scientists, engineers, mathematicians, musicians, designers, and artists who create, discover, and explore using drawing.

Fashion designers create journals of design ideas, moods, colors, fabrics, etc.  We will look at examples and create our own fashion journals.

In this class we use drawing as a tool for learning about fashion and for exploring our original ideas.

-- Inspired by Michael Strauss