May 16th, 2011

pinhole camera

Sword painting Archie - reflections

abstract painting from Naked Lunch May 2011 by Honoria Starbuck with Archie Fields as model

3 asemic figures inspired by Archie Fields at Naked Lunch  in acrylic paint by Honoria Starbuck May 2011

Sword Painting Archie

Archie is an emotive, changeable, surprising model.  As an actor and dancer he tells stories with his poses. In this session I felt his creativity partner with mine to fling and flow both his and my energy to the page.  He has this effect on many students too. 

The May 2011 Naked Lunch session was an opportunity to do my first figure drawing with the tai chi sword and acrylic paint.  Asemic writing also entered into the drawings as well as abstraction, play, and layers.

Using the sword with striper dagger brush combined with the concept of chi is becoming a natural distancing and, at the same time, connecting process in my drawing.  The sword also interjects a bit of performance art and gets attention.

Six of my students attended this session but overall the session was lightly attended otherwise.  Brad gave an improv lesson on laying in the proportions of the features and getting expressions.  It was a great opportunity for my students to be up close and to informally learn from professional animators.