June 2nd, 2011

pinhole camera

Zen chapter in Observational Drawing

Yesterday we looked at the Zen Chapter in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  It was a day of synthesis in drawing.  Students had no timed drawings, they could draw inside or out.  The music was meditational.  The results were beautiful.  Some student quotes:

I felt very free and loose and relaxed to do these drawing and just enjoyed and not worried about anything or limitations and the outcome seemed to work.

My favorite day.  I need to study morea bout this Zen day.  Today was awesome.

My drawing became very calm feeling.  Today was immensely successful and I really got into the Zen idea.

Using (natural objects found on the ground such as mulch twigs and sycamore pods) to draw with (helped) the form to look realistic finally!!! Definitely blown away at the results.
 Student Observational Drawing using india ink and white pastel Zen Week 8 Spring 2011