June 9th, 2011

pinhole camera

Fashion Details Game

Using 9 Heads textbook

1. Create cards using encyclopedia of details illustrations from the text.  Affix one picture of one detail and its caption to the same side of a 3x5 index card.

2)  Divide the class into 2 student teams with an equal number of textbooks on each team.

3. Select the same number of cards as there are team members with roughly equal difficulty/complexity of images for each team.


Place card stack face down in front of each team.
A team member grabs the top card and draws the fashion detail on the board.
Remaining team members look through the book until they can correctly identify the detail.
The team that identifies all cards first wins.
pinhole camera

Fashion Magazine Matching Game

Students use the chapter in the textbook 9 Heads and a stack of fashion magazines.
Divide class into teams about 10 students.
Students use textbook to find garments in the fashion magazine that illustrate specific garment types in the types of garments chapter, for example, "trench coat."

Fashion Drawing Game in action Spring 2011  Fashion Drawing matching game.  Honoria Starbuck Instructor, Spring 2011
Students cut out the specific garments from the magazine and write on the back the type of garment and the page number where it appears in the textbook.
Both teams put their fashion photos on the board with room to write underneath.
Working with the photos of the opposite team, the teams try to identify all the garment types.
After all the garments are labeled, turn the pictures over to verify the type of garment in comparison to the textbook.

These games lead to great conversations focused on details of fashion construction.

The students really had fun with these games.  Here are some of their comments.

I learned to see a picture of a garment and know the name of the style. - YB

I was not trying to make the drawing look good.  I just wanted to enphasize the detail so my team could understand what was drawn.  - DD 

We had great discussions while playing games and learning. - SG 

My team won and it was awesome.  One of the most fun things we have done in this class.  - PG

Today in class I illustrate many different garmnets as fast as I could.  This was exciting because it shows if you can communicate without words or not. - CH

By not thinking about it as much and just drawing it really fast by observational drawing increased my drawing skills. - BM

I was able to learn from the drawings in the book with the correct terminology.  Our team was able to learn together while illustrating the correct item. AP

Using speed to draw something quick and still tell what my point was...  HP

I learned you don't have to spend a lot of time drawing to have people understand what you are trying to communicate through your sketches. - NT

The thing I learned today in pictionary was not about being the best drawer but about communication and working as a team. - AT

I learned how to differentiate between the many details of apparel & the elements of garment construction, also I learned "call-to-action".  - AT