October 30th, 2011

pinhole camera

Dry Sky Number 2

Acrylic painting by Honoria Starbuck October 2011

The second Dry Sky painting is finished.
Acrylic paint and graphite on 30 x 23 inches on Arches 300 lb watercolor paper

 It started with a rubbed blue background that I gridded over by halving the page then halving the halves then half again using graphite lines.  Next I taped over the lines with artist tape.  I did some asemic writing in very light acrylic washes.  Next I added some asemic frisket over some areas writing up and down the horizontal format.  I worked individual sections with transparent washes of acrylic, some with pearly acrylic ink added.  I washed over the whole in a soft pinky salmon wash that Bret had left over and smeared it around with a stiff card to move the wash in waves over the gridded format. Finally I removed the tape and erased some of the graphite and the frisket.  The outer  edge taping emphasized the grid and the overall delicacy of color.  I'm happy with the combination of spontaneity on top of the predetermined effect of grid. In addition the washes seeped under the tape and created irregular borders.  The layers of colors seem rich although they are pastel in value.  The first layer of the blue wash gradation from darker to lighter gives the dry sky effect I wanted.