October 2nd, 2013

pinhole camera

To get an A

During the first class we buzzed through the contents of Chapter 1.  You answered 1 of the questions on the list and made a tumblr or pintrest, instagram, or started your paper textbook project. That level of achievement rates as a C. Good solid work.  Now--  To get an A you are to answer all the questions on the list on your blog and read chapters 1, 7, and 8 in the textbook as well as watch Week 1 and Week 2 videos on our class tumblr at hstarbuck.tumblr.com.

Come prepared to list the elements and  3 aspects of the creative process  in a quiz.
Be able to fill in the Form Follows  ____ blank____   in two or more different ways that designers have come up with over the generations.

You will be masters of the Creative Process - Chapter One
and be well on your way to becoming masters of Line and Shape!
That's why you strive for experience points in this class - to become design masters!

We will work on your Chapter 7 and 8 syllabus questions during the second class period.

Good work.
Send any questions you have and I'll send answers.

See you next week,
pinhole camera

Intro to Eric Maisel

My name is Honoria Starbuck

I am an artist and a teacher.  I love my job teaching drawing at the Art Institute of Austin.  I have read several of your books and ideas from them percolate through my teaching.  I use the purpose statement idea to help students focus on their potential to do good in the world and make a difference.  Many come into school feeling a bit powerless since we are a for-profit school with entry requirements that are more open than many colleges and universities.

My art is squeezed between my job and happy home life.  I do small work or work in many layers that dry in between.  I amaze myself that I get so much done but I've spent years perfecting my insert-artmaking-here performance.

My art makes me happy and my job and husband pay the bills so I don't feel pressure to sell.  I show my work every so often and some sells.  I don't think of selling as a road to success for me.

Each student success is my passion now.  So I am taking this bootcamp to capture new skills and ideas to pass on to my students.

I used your purpose statement chapter to distill my purpose statement:
I use my creativity, skills, personality, and knowledge to live and to share a deeply creative life.