December 14th, 2013

pinhole camera

Student comments

To future students
For future students, what I would recommend is to not idly sit by and watch the clock run by and not participate, but to actively and passionately engage in artistic critiques and discussion during class time. That is really the only way I have been able to learn, otherwise, I would have been on my own without that personal engagement and microlearning.
   -- Ashley Z.  ART108  Fall 2013

There is a lot that can be said about the world. From how it moves and bends to the way it flows and breaks.  The world is beautiful, and I have found a strange appreciation for how the world looks in this Observational Drawing class The drawings I have here show progress I never thought would be achieved. The pear is my first homework assignment and I believe I have improved greatly.  I never understood light and dark until I drew lemons, and I never knew color could look so wonderful until I drew the gourd.  My glass needs improving but when you understand blocking in and light logic as I do now I can only improve.  The greatest thing I learned was that I could see the world but still add my stories to it.  I didn't think this class could add to my writing but it has.  Seeing the world with a detailed eye made my stories all the more detailed.  I really loved this class and I know what was taught will help throughout my career.
   -- Rachel T.  ART108 Fall 2013