July 28th, 2016

pinhole camera

Lemon Days of Summer

Observational Drawing class in front of installation of their lemon drawings

Student Comments

Using light logic by creating highlights in my drawing. Used textured paper to better capture realism...Also using vertical location to show distance between object.  - Diejon B

I feel like I'm growing better with using pastels.  I am becoming more confident in blending, therefore overlapping some of the reflections over the shadows.  I am shocked at how amazied I am at the fact that you can use the eraser to block in the shapes.  I'm going to continue to use pastels.  - Chance C.

In my first drawing, you can see where I understood the concept, however the values weren't as dominant as I would have liked.  Moving forward with the second drawing, I was able to blend my colors more.  I also feel I was pretty accurate with the size relationships and being able to tell one lemon was in front of the other. - Kristianna G

pinhole camera

Lemon Day 1 Summer Term 2016

Summer 2016 Observational Drawing class with drawings of lemons in the background

The summer classes' lemon day was a success as you can see.  This recurring event is the highlight of my term each season.  This time I gave all the students some real toned pastel paper to use and the lemon drawings were even better because the art supplies were better.  Yay!

Student Comments

My use of texture to blend the components together as well as light logic gave a more 3-D perspective. - Austin A.

I feel I have a better understanding about local color.  It was interesting to see how light logic applies to it.  I feel like I have a better handle on how value and saturation apply to colors. - Wyatt C.

I'm getting a lot better at being able to show value in my drawings.  They're coming out more real. Also on the 2nd lemon drawing I had a little trouble with relationship in size of the lemons, but the more I played around with it, the better it got.  Lastly, my edges are becoming more realistic.  I don't always need a strong dark line to edge something out.  I feel I'm getting better at being able to draw what I see and it look like what I see.  - Sierra J

My drawing improved greatly.  At first I was really nervous and uninspired because I thought that I was going to do bad, but I gained my confidence in the skills wer were learning and my second drawing came out a whole lot better.  My second drawing had better shading and sizing, and the light logic was done correctly. - Kamera N.

Teacher Reflection
I can't afford to supply my classes this quality of paper, and they don't understand how much quality materials can benefit their professionalism and the success of their drawing.  So they don't buy themselves the good stuff.  However, on Lemon Day I have a stash of high-quality pastel paper for students to use. Using this paper, students are better able to control the pastel to craft the all-important chiaroscuro of 3-D.  As a result of focusing on lemons with good art supplies student confidence rises.  Students develop a willingness to tackle drawing with a more rounded, multifaceted approach.