April 18th, 2017

pinhole camera

Lemon Day Spring 2017

Lemon Day in Spring 2017

We had new pastels in the classroom.  Some students had completed the color fundamentals course and their use of color strategies created nuanced relationships in the compositions.

Student Comments

Today we learned about light logic using lemons!  We talked about bracketing with values on different parts of the lemon in order to make it look more realistic.  I had a little trouble with the vertical placement on the second one.  But, with some assistance, I learned how to measure the distance between 2 lemons and how smudging the distant lemon will give it amor distant look. - Shelbi B.

We used Bracketing to learn how to shade light, midtone, and dark values.  This helped when moving into pastels.  We found the light logic on the lemons compared to a sphere and used vertical placement/arial perspective to create a picture with 2 lemons. - Celeste F.

Today was lemon day! I had a lot of fun! My first attempt of the lemons wasn't so great.  My proportions was a bit off, and I did not have enough mid-tones.  The second attempt came out great!  I used bracketing with values way better and my proportion was a lot better.  Also my use of color strategy gave a nice contrast and emphasis. Thank you for the tips! - Brigette P.