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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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CD labels
pinhole camera
Dear Seth is designing CD labels for my portfolio CD-ROM. Some day I will have to find out if digital camera pictures can be turned into slides because many galleries want slides. But the CD and online portfolio can be a visual foot in the gallery door. If I send out enough CDs something will happen. I handed out lots of hand painted business cards at SXSW and found some good contacts. I may work with Nancy to do a seminar on the West Coast on the theme of "unleash you aesthetic problem-solving skills," which is one of the lines I'm testing on the backs of my cards. Actually the SXSW crowd likes the idea of an artist as early design phase user tester and I may get called back by any of several entrepreneurs with new softwares in the works. I like asking early phase questions of real customers and saving Polycot clients time and money in their design by really addressing customer needs and expectations. I'm a user advocate in the interface world but in the art world I don't have to care much what sells since I've been a mail artist for decades. Selling is just another distribution path. I can paint what I need to paint and someone will either buy it or not. And when I connect with a patron/buyer/collector it's a lovely thing and my work goes into a new environment to bring creative energies in a new space. Mail art does that already so I'm quite used to going out into the unknown. Finding a gallery interface to buyers presents an interesting set of problems to solve. If you know of a likely gallery fit for my work please send the name and address and I'll send a CD anywhere in the world.

I made a new page of my portfolio dedicated to the nudes.
I have hundreds of nudes in my room waiting to go jazz up a nice gallery.

In fact, I will trade a nude painting (or flowers, even nasturtiums) for gallery leads that you suggest, thank you.

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Nice new gallery, very original, keep it up! :)))

Holland Photo on South Lamar should be able to turn your digital files into slides.

Or any place that has access to a film recorder.

The resolution of the images your camera took will determine the quality of the slides.

I'm glad I asked, thanks.

Yes yes yes

I DO want to tap into this Honaria. My next piece of thinking, into which I want to invite everyone, is how to identify those who might be interested/benefit. I have a barn we can work in in Ocean Park Washington, on the Long Beach Penninsula, with an artistic/sustainable community that could support and encourage our efforts to pull this off.

The piece after that is watering the money tree so that we can attract diverse folk, not just cash rich and compensate the artist who leads us!!!

If the money tree bears fruit then many an artist can help to found and nurture the community. Your spot sounds lovely -- do you have pictures of the space?

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