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Artist statement

My work makes me and other people happy. Perhaps because I work on a small scale there is an easy feeling when people acquire my paintings and drawings. Buyers and collectors tell me how much it means to them to have my work in their environment, for example, a jazz singer has my work in a hallway and says goodbye to it when she goes out to a gig. She and the painting respect each other. Since my paintings are often displayed in groups, patrons develop personal affection for two or more of the paintings and gather them together to share a wall or shelf space.

I make new work every day. I divide rag watercolor paper into grids measuring 2.5 x 3.5 or 4 x 6 inches. I work on multiple paintings at a time. I use a bell curve method: one of the synchronous paintings will the best, one will be the worst, and several will be learning events. The best work goes into my portfolio and onto my blog. I save unsuccessful paintings to use in collages. I also do several collages at a time with the same multiple artwork method.

I use transparent watercolors and opaque gouache paints, India ink, oil pastels, glitter glue, rubber stamps and one of my favorite art supplies is white out from the office supply store.

I live an art life; everything I do is in a spirit of creative experimentation. I am simultaneously a traditional artist creating expressionistic small paintings and life drawings, a digital artist with research into networked art, and a teaching artist. I seek to extend my vision of continual growth and learning into the world through always-evolving art.

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