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Plein-air-time is just around the bend and I'll go look at Corot to see how the osmosis will stir my spirit. - Luc Poitras
Plein-air-time is here in Texas and I just know those iris are dancing in the cool sunny breeze at zilker gardens...gotta go there and catch them in the act!

In my quest for marketing my work I found some fun links.

One is a painter named Robert Genn at http://www.painterskeys.com who sends a listserv letter twice a week with his reflections on various historical painters. The letters are more art historical & academic than most discussions I've seen on livejournal. I enjoy going deeper into various art inspirations of the past and present. His last letter was about Corot and the most recent letter is about Rothko.

Another site is http://www.artbusiness.com with a number of solid articles about the business of art by Alan Bamberger. His advice provides a logical direction for my professional outreach initiatives.

The funnest one is the funky http://www.artwanted.com, a huge community of artists from sketchers of fairies, Western realists, International constructivists, photo realists, abstract expressionists, amateur, professional, soft-core, comix, digital... more more more... Go there and look. Where else but the Internet would all these people fall into the same general category and end up talking to each other about art? The site's functionality makes it easy to make comments on individual pieces and rate them. Evidently the rating system has caused group dynamic problems in the past but although simplistic, it does force you to face what you think about any given art work that you choose to see up close and comment upon. Of course I always click on art I like and so my ratings are high and in a scale of 1-10 I give a 9 because 9 is my favorite number. Right now I have a free account but I may join and offer my work for sale. Has anyone heard anything about this site? It has a range of hobbyist art more like a virtual open air art show rather than a gallery. I posted my frog party dancer and she was chosen one of the top ten uploaded works of art du jour.

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