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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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interactive ezine?
pinhole camera
I wonder what an "interactive ezine" is that Kiyotei was talking about? I'll have to write to him that I don't feel like a voyeur. Of course, I don't want anyone else to think of me as such since I am a mail artist first and a researcher second. My main concern is that I don't want aggressive people to read about the LiveJournal community and join the mail art community to cause trouble or to tell the artists here that they are all wrong about stuff. Ruin the atmosphere. That would be horrible. Meanwhile I'd like to work in photoshop and see if I can get an artist trading card down to a nice size and post it into the conversation since there is already a little thread on ATCs.

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An ezine is the electronic version of a "zine" or alternative magazine. It is usually posted online or sent to subscribers like a mailing list. Most ezines take submissions and an editor creates the final product. Reading the art and poetry ezines is a hobby of mine.
2 Goodies:
Kota Press

Unlike an ezine, however, there is no editor here. So the community can post poetry, ramblings, and art at will. It is more chaotic and more interactive. I love it.
I guess that the "creator" of the group could edit/censor post, but so far has chosen to let things fly.

Happy writing!

(Alcyone's pet)

Thanks for the explanation. I worked on the networking zine, n.d. for years as the mail art editor and am familiar with the zine of zines, factsheet 5 that also had a mail art section. Seems like there is another whole dissertation just waiting for someone to do on zines -> ezines is someone wants to tackle the research.

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