honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

2 jobs 1 brain

I guess I'm thinking twice as much and painting half as much but today got to sit by the pool for 15 minutes with watercolors. There are some nasturtiums blooming in the old plot by the pool - brave plants that survived the winter - 3 flowers. rush rush - to work then to computer teacher mode and back again. Today is friday and this weekend I'll only be working one job so it will be calmer. Kiyotei switched hosting services for www.mailartist.com where my pictures upload from and I haven't configured my access to the new location yet so that's why there are no pictures on livejournal since the irises. In spite of having two jobs I'm still painting. I framed that heirloom tomato in a red frame for Sarah & Sean. It will go well with all their red kitchen gifts from the shower.

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