honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

4 parties + sexiest day

Yesterday the nasturtiums bloomed that I planted on my birthday. You know what that means! Yes, yesterday was the sexiest day of 2005. I hope my extensive readership had a lovely day. Happy belated sexiest day to all.

First there was the traditional Saturday Pozole brunch, then we went flying at Mansfield Dam where we found Tim, then Sandy and Cynbe arrived at the Dam and since the wind was then choppy and they'd all been flying in the hot sun enough we went to the Oasis for margaritas, then we went to the Les Amis documentary (www.vivalesamis.com) and bought a killer tank top in black with "Les Amis" printed in the classic Les Amis font and won some yoga lessons in the raffle, and there we met up with the Captain and Sarah and Carrie and Alison, so Knut and I bought some Flying Tomato pizzas and we ended up at their house celebrating the sexiest day.

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