honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

guest lecturer//kite flights

moboid is a game developer staying at my house for a few days. She is acting as a guest lecturer in my online life drawing class. The program in which I am teaching has a strong game development training component. Most of the men in the class want to go into game design. Moboid graciously agreed to spend some time answering their questions such as will Prince of Persia 3 be as dark as Prince of Persia 2 which, of course, she couldn't directly answer.

Ethan turned one and family kites were flown in Zilker and a fun fam picnic was had by all. The groom of next weekend was suffering a bit from the after effects of the bachelor party which was held at Manor Downs Race Track. The birthday boy scored many colorful and/or noise-making presents and blew out the big blue 1 candle with a little help from his mom and the kite breezes to the fam chorus of the up tempo Flintstone's happy birthday song.

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