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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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pinhole camera
Maize is staying with us, sleeping in my room. There is a double at chez knut & honoria available in case any other live journalists such as Seth and Donna who might make a run for it from Chicago. Love is erupting like a volcano, committees are forming and I'm the chair of the flower committee which has a subcommittee of cuttings committee with George and Steve Spring no less, and a sub sub committee of clippers of colleen and Knut. Then there is the wedding transportaio but the ivy procurement is key to the success of the whole matrimonial catatstophe...I love you, bye

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mail art/bern porter international

Hello Honoria. Starbuck, right? I found your blog on a link from Ruud Janssen's IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists). I am posting anonymously because I didn't want to have to create a Live Journal Account, but it's Sheila Holtz. I have a blog now (depite inital techno-resistance): http://bernporterinternational.blogspot.com.
I just want to thank you again for your beautiful submissions to the BPI commemorative issue and the mail art exhibit. We have found a venue: the show will be on display at the Belfast, Maine Public Library (Bern's Home Town -- and mine, from time to time)in June.
I have been visiting the Philadelphia area and saw a great show of ZINES (print media) at Philadelphia University (formerly the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Design.) I have your realmail address. I will try to send you a review and documentation.
It would be an Honor(ia) to hear from you. Please do visit the Bern Porter Blog and post a comment.
Regards, Sheila Holtz

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