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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Cover art
pinhole camera
cover of medical journal with honoria's painting

How do you like the design of the medical journal cover using my little primary color nude?

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looks great! I hope your email address was included inside in case any rich doctors want to buy an Honoria!

they are going to put a link to my ecommerce portfolio at www.artwanted.com/honoria


Wow! This is one of the most sensuous absrtact nudes i've ever seen! I'd rank it right up there with the best impressionists' works... it feels like a Matisse with its flowing lines and soft hues... and I feel a bit of Picasso in its raw power. Fantastic!
dADa Vark
1000 E. 14th St #434
Plain-O, TX 75074

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