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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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prismatic compass circle nude
pinhole camera
ink drawing of seated female nude with bright watercolor patterns painted over her
This seated nude is play with mark making combining the parallel line brush, called a wisp, India ink on the Kolinsky sable and a compass. She took her seat as one of yesterday's top ten at artwanted.com along with a foreshortened horse, some impasto doves, glitter jelly fish, and a palm-lined beach scene photo. I love it. Artwanted.com is almost as unpredictable as mail art and since I changed addresses, even though I did forward my mail, I think much mail art is not getting to me.

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Honoria, I am going to the printmaking lab today to make some new "peace" postcards. I will send you one, if you let me know your new address. Thanks.
Pati Bristow
po box 3127
Los Altos CA 94024

I'll send you something. I'd love to intervene on a peace postcard with the Fake Picabia Sisters' kisses of peace!!!!

ooops forgot the new address:
1200 Payne Avenue
Austin, TX 78757 USA

Thanks for the addy ... will send something out tomorrow.
Pati B.

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