honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Wedding Photos

A sunset wedding picture: hand tinted black and white photograph of a bride and groom, Sarah and Sean

Since the Starbuck name is synonymous with slightly unusual wedding documentation, and my soon to be x was not present, I felt that I just had to make a Starbuck wedding picture statement and here they are. I took the photos ran them through some photoshop filters, printed them on rich velvety rag paper then tinted them with Sennelier oil pastels after applying a yummy layer of the Sennelier blending medium.

Here is just after the wedding with the official photographer.
wedding couple and their official photographer

Here is before the wedding -- the bride and her parents just after Mary and I had finished putting the bridal bouquet together and the hair dressers had sprayed the last tendril into place.
at home with the recently arranged bouquet and hair

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