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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Monday's 2, 4, 8 nudes
pinhole camera
reclining female nude backs drawn in India ink wash

series of 4 ink wash female nudes

series of 8 ink wash female nudes

Love that Sennelier ink!
Happy Father's Day to all Live Journal Dads.

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Very, very nice... love 'em all!

Some days the ink just flows. The model for this session also offered me a show at her dance performance in the fall. I love working with dancers, they know that posing is a narrative technique, and that knowledge always shows in every muscle. My precut mats should arrive any day now and I'll put together a new show of small work for a little alternate art space in Austin.

I love working with dancers. They just seem to sense where they are in space and they make the best models, in my opinion. :-)

Oh yes, don't you just love Robert Horry! (Miami Heat fan!)

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