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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Go Spurs!
pinhole camera
What a tense game! I love Robert Horry.

Getting ready for online art teaching by printing page after page of curriculum for color theory and drawing and putting the pages neatly into binders. Today is life drawing day and I prepared wc pages with bright colored splotches of watercolor to India ink drawings upon that may have a Russian futurist look, we'll see.

I'm going to prepare new portraits in the style of the ones I did of Loren for Sarah's wedding to sell via the Women's Chamber. The oil pastel/digital portrait is a creative product that is highly individualized although has a mass-production Warholian printing element. The portraits may turn out to be fun for me and attractive to the professional ladies at the Women's Chamber. I wonder what my tag line can be?
- Portraits with personal energy.
- Expressionist portraits.
- Energized portraits.
- Creative portraits.
- High energy portraits.
- Unexpected portraits.
- Fun people - fun portraits.
- Fun portraits for fun people. How about that? I like it. What do you think, dear readers? A tag line to scare the traditionalists away and and attract colorful Austin wackos. So now the tag line? Honoria Starbuck transforms your photographs into colorful and unique fine art portraits using digital art and oil pastel techniques on rag paper. OK done, new business model ready for action.

Reading recommendation: Sue Frederick - Dancing at your Desk
I worked with Sue at WholePeople.com and have been following her career counselling businesss ever since we all got laid off. I like to watch women succeed in business and she sent me a couple of emails a year that gave me a snapshot of her progress. Dancing at your Desk contains a series of worksheet questions to answer, positive doable steps to take, pep talks, personal stories, and case studies about moving toward a career that is a perfect fit for your natural talents and passions. I stopped in a Greek restaurant on my way home from work every day and read a chapter over a Greek salad and glass of wine at sunset. By the time I finished the book, about a week, I had a new job paying twice as much money as the current job and lots of visions for new directions. And the Spurs bounced back!

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I like the Fun Portraits for Fun People tag too. Sound cheerful enough.

Marty had a whole flash piece about 'fun fun', but really, how can you go wrong with fun?

The folks in Detroit are getting upset about this photo of Big Crotch Rob. 'Tis all part of the game...

I think the Detroit folks are upset about something else. In a tense moment such as the final seconds of the game, I don't think anyone was thinking much about anything except the basket...all gestures were probably unconscious even if they did contain uncomplementary meanings. Guys are guys.

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