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More Gertrude, more art

I just read an involved meandering article on the early years of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas in the New Yorker summer reading issue. What a nice way to start the summer with academic mysteries and Stein gossip.

Yesterday after drawing class, pictures to follow, I swam in the Lakewood pool and then read Julia Cameron about developing patterns to increase creativity. Then made a little pool painting. I think I've achieved much of what's in the Cameron book which flows as a nice mediation on slowing down and looking and doing. The Sue Frederick book shares some of the same themes as Cameron but Sue's themes are career oriented.

I'm looking at art as both my careers -- financial and fulfilling. Previously I've viewed my art as something personal that my other career had to support. I can see the personal and financial beginning to converge, not so much as a selling artist but as a teacher. Now that I have the online art teaching job and invitations for exhibitions, I am confident that money and art can mix in my life. Although the new curriculum development job is not art oriented in content, my artist's view is that curriculum development has a lot in common with collage. The curriculum development experience will move toward art teaching in the long run and is a great fit for me in terms of team members, flexibility, and income.

I'm on the lookout to learn more about online teaching/facilitating roles in the realm of art-making and other forms of creativity.

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